Canvas process…one of them at least

Sometimes I like to draw out the ideas beforehand and then grid the drawing to transfer to the canvas. Sometimes I work directly onto the canvas and think it out there. I aim to combine these two attitudes to create an impulsive composition.

Original drawing

A grid for transfer

Finished piece:

Broken string
Acrylic on canvas

Sketchbook stuff

Today 6th May 2008 Laughin’ boy

7th April 2008 Garry at the beach

When working on a lot of canvases for an exhibition, I keep a sketchbook open to mop all the other ideas and shit that the painting doesn’t require but still float around my head. As they say round here – better out than in.

August 2007

Life drawings of friends who should know better…

Drawing your friends is an incredible way of containing what was going on in your life at that particular moment. A graphite and paper memory-capsule. I like to do as much life drawing as I can – it keeps me sharp and helps render what I see in my head, it’s necessary, compulsive and pleasurable.

David – Graphite
David is what you call a “top bloke”. In fact I was having a few beers with him on Saturday night- we were once partners in incredible feats of consumption.

Douglas – Graphite
Last time I saw Doug he needed to put on a few pounds but according to his brother , he’s down Cornwall now so I’m sure he’s caning the pasties after the surf.

Sketch book

Here are some of my sketchbook drawings from a recent trip to my Uncles pub in West Wales.

We have a few beers, rock to Jimi Hendrix on the jukebox and hang out with the local crew who, after twelve years of visits, are my adopted hometown crew. Jim is a 68 year old gent. He was the toughest kid in town and boxed in many fights licensed and unlicensed. Jim puts his high agility in the ring down to his “sinews being flexible due to lifting and turning so much working on the farm.”

The Legend Of Narberth

El Condor Pasa

El Condor Pasa are a band from Bridgend, South Wales. They make good noise and have the potential to be the last great rock n roll band…after all the other last great rock n roll bands. They have great fans.

…of which I am one.


Hi guys

I’ll post a bit more often now.

This is:

Songs Of Defeat And Victory – The Reclamation

It’s based on a local folk tale where a local landlord raised rent on his tenant’s land during a drought. The tenant’s had no crops, so food was scarce and payments were barely met. The raise in rent meant the landlord was found dead in the river.

I would like to add I enjoy a very good relationship with my landlord.