Paintings and studies…

I’ve been painting on some old 7″ vinyl records that I’ve found hanging around the studio. I’ve used them to work out some people who feature in the new paintings I’m working on.

Click to view larger size.


They are all sitting on the casting couch for the time being. I’ll post the final work later under the Paintings section.

Ever wondered what happened to your one half of your Converse boots when you went into the pit when you were 14…or 28? So did I so I pulled this guy out off the panel in Acrylic.

We’ll call him Steve: The Sneaker Keeper

Check out these guys for Sneaker Keeper Rock n Roll:

Sketchbook work

Here are some recent sketchbook drawings.

This is for the girl at the party, I hope you find your ‘Ysbryd’. The domino I found in my pocket the next day and I don’t know how it got there. I do remember a few being thrown around. Hooligans.

I saw this guy on his stag do outside a chip shop in Cardiff at about half five in the afternoon. He was hammered, his friends had whipped off his clothes and this is all I could hear him say.

Sell your soul and you’ll have a boss. Stay self-employed.

That’s not vodka, that’s a peak flow punk. I have Asthma and today have a peak flow of 790.

Pontycymer – the land of angels. This is oil on paper.

At the end of a night I’ll use what paint is left and see what comes out in the sketch book. I have nothing to say about this except those are Mick Jaggers eyes.