Sketch book

Recent sketch book work…

The Association’s Cherish

Classic 60’s pop with fantastic vocal harmonies and songwriting genius


RockeRS UptoWN

Dee Dee Shake

10″ x 10″

Goldtop Pop

10″ x 10″

Scandanavian Rawk

10″ x 10″

All painted with Golden Acrylics which are bloody marvelous, they’ve developed a lovely high pigment paint and innovative complimentary mediums/gels/glazing fluids. I am incredibly enamoured with these paints and their ‘company’ outlook.


tHE laST tWO letteRS in captiaLS is a tribuTE to tHE melodIC beaUT thAT is Cody ChesnuTT. Live Long ‘nuTT.

Come Back Like Spring