Rugger Buggers

I enjoy match days involving the Welsh rugby team, I especially like the commentary of Phil Bennet and the boys on BBC Radio Wales during the autumn series as kick-off is too early for me to finish work and be at home shouting at the tv, and whatever the ‘pundits’ say the welsh team are improving … just like a bunch of teenage kids jamming in a garage who go on to become the Stones.

Here’s a few paintings:

Initial drawings..

Finished painting

West Stand, M30 And Bad Carling


15″ x 30″


…and now the pack

Crouch, Pause, Touch…ENGAGE


15″ x 32″

The Anthem in full flow…

Claypits Pottery, Boozers and the workshop…

Some drawings from my father’s monestary/studio in Claypits, Ewenny.

Chris is a friend who runs a lovely record label: Under The Spire Recordings who’s output is extremely high to the point where I can’t keep up with all the releases he puts out.

Dai Oakley’s shoes…

A man needs a workshop, tools and a Martin guitar to keep sane…and to be ready to build the Ark when the next flood comes along.

A good workshop loves good tea, tools and:

Gabor Szabo who belongs up there with Jimi hendrix for melodic guitar and feel.

Lahndahn Baybee

Some drawings from a recent trip to London. I love Borough Market and met my family there for some Japanese nosh.

The following image is of a drawing of Garry who I’ve known since nursery school. I always experience bigger hangovers after hanging with ‘Gmahn’ than with anyone else. He had been writing a play called Jest End, which I detailed the beginnings in a drawing in an earlier posting. To cut a long story short the play garnered two four star reviews from The Telegraph and The Times. Garry asked me to come up with a logo which I did in my sketchbook as a 2″ thumbnail and sent to him as a photo-text and forgot about. Our friend Nicko pimped it for larger construction and it featured as a center piece for the play…which was nice.

Garry The Poser

Jest End

Photos were made by another Penybont boy Bencey who’s been creating a fantastic portfolio of street portraits amoungst other glorious work. Definitely a man to watch.

…and the reason I went to London in the first place was to see my beautiful neice:

Go Surfing with The Drums