Stellar pop on shitty speakers makes for peace and love…

Recent discoveries/introductions for things I’ve overlooked/missed.

Word of mouth will set your record collection free.

(Youtube links)

1) The song Bright Lit Blue Skies is by Aerial Pink and sounds like Joey Ramone should have sounded if he’d recorded with Brian Wilson instead of the dick that is Phil Spector. Genius ain’t all that.

2) The album Swim by Caribou I heard at a house party

and Jim O’Rourke’s Insignificance which is the first album I’ve sat down and listened to all the way through whilst popped up on Seirra Nevada Celebration Ale. Both introduced to me by Chris. Thank you Chris.


Stay safe. Some new work to be photographed and placed on this here we’blog in a day or three.


Be good.