Beard Lust

Hey hey hey

How are you? I’m watching a documentary of The Old Grey Whistle Test as I put this up. I was always aware of the ruck between the punks and Bob Harris but bloody hell, Sid Vicious and five of his hangers-on with broken bottles taking a lone Bob on was hardly tough.

Sid Vicious? Nah thanks, he means nothing to me.

(Some great footage of The Clash, Ramones and The Who – with Keith Moon playing out of his skin with a front tooth missing…and Keith Richards with a knackered front tooth…I’m sure these rocker qualities will feature in some new paintings.)

Moving on….

Some Canfas:


10″ X 10″

The Red Vest

10″ X 10″

Dee Dee in Autumn

10″ x 10″

Hobo Sunshine

10″ X 10″

Stag Do

10″ X 10″


10″ X 10″

Some sketchbook work:

Sun Moths – using some nice gold leaf…

Street Leaf


Riot Boy

Exploding hands of the dad of French rock, Arnaud…


I’ve got a few new stretchers delivered from Rodney and intend to cover them in canvas, paint and ideas.

..using some of these

…watched by Dead Head – the studio tech guy.

Some duders I saw in Paddington Station

…mopeds set up to fall like Dominos

If Duckie’s good geek spirit and Steff’s fuckyouness had morphed during that fight in the school hall and then wore Moly Ringwalds clothes from John Hughes’ Pretty In Pink they’d sound like these guys:

Brite Futures – Beard Lust (live KEXP)

The dude in the shorts has a I’ve-been-misbehaving-on-tour-and-effed-my-larynx gruff voice. These are exactly how I imagined America to be growing up in South Wales in the late 80’s early 90’s. All I want to know is: are the Goonies their roadies?

Brite Futures РMe + Yr Daughter    Hahahahahaha

Go download their new song – Baby Rain.

At your next house part, after everyone’s gone home and your neighbour is asleep in your fridge but you’ve got got two beers left – put these tunes on:

Wild Nothing – Chinatown

Washed Out – Feel It All Around

Beach Fossils – Sometimes

….now take your socks off, put your feet up and enjoy.

A shit load of beards amoung this post.