Punk rock Sundays and dead rabbits…

This is a drawing from my sketchbook. I started with an idea of capturing the punk gigs that used to be put on in the local football club 12 years ago….lots of fun.

Notice how the drummer looks like Bust-ass (Danny McBride) from the film All The Real Girls…..

“Man, I’m just having a bad night, I’m sorry man…it was stupid of me to hit you in the nuts. Are we cool?”


I played a show on Sunsay with my good friend Adam in Cardiff with a couple of other good guys….

Me and Adam ‘The Bear Jones”

The above two dudes are Neil ‘The Strike Fades’ and Jon ‘Slowdance’. The hardcore scene has always been very supportive and accepting of the individual and it’s always a pleasure to play with good guys like these and shout the songs back at them with a cold beer.

This is a song by Neil ‘The Strike Fades’ called Sally. He played it Sunday.

It’s fucking great. Do you want me to play harmonica on that bo?

Jon’s ink…

Chris TT who loved to take the piss out of the crowd. He likes to eat dahl and has a very good piece on British arts funding in the Morning Star here

Franz Nicholay who is the only guy I’ve met who’s father is also a potter.

Photographs by Jay from RWTZphotography. Another dude.

Dead rabbits in the local butcher. I met an eccentric lady recently who was very happy to have bought a rabbit skin lined coat for £60 instead of £500. …I’m just glad Ewoks are not real nor Mogwais. I could easily become vedgy….but I’d need some good recipes. Got any ideas? Also I too am very hypocritical when it comes to my stance on leather/meat/Ewok. Gizmo leather trousers anyone? Free trip with Jim Morrison in the desert included.

Jim Morrison:

A friend is someone who gives you total freedom to be yourself.

Finally a packing box love guru doodle…



A drawing from a recent trip to London. A place I love and never fails to supply me with unusual experiences. A place where the freaks REALLY are freaks. I saw one guy in Camden trying to punch a double decker bus…he was about 65. Go on my son.

This was drawn from the embankment whilst waiting for Gmahn to finish his photo shoot. Check his site here. Then we went for some noodles at Busaba Eathai on Panton Street:

Garry has been producing some nice work. This is some dude from Twilight:

Beautiful Losers….

I’ve been rough and therefore spent the best part of a couple of days in bed. Not being able to do much but get exceptionally hot and burn out the fever in the process I got through a couple of films.

One was Beautiful Losers featuring  Thomas Campbell, Cheryl Dunn, Shepard Fairey, Harmony Korine, Geoff McFetridge, Barry McGee, Margaret Kilgallen, Mike Mills, Steven “Espo” Powers, Aaron Rose, Ed Templeton and Deanna Templeton. Essentially it’s a film about a group of American/America based artists who come from a skate/punk/graffiti background. No art school bollox, just people doing their thing and doing it well.

(Thanks to Barnes for the loan of the film…and you will get it back…eventually.)

…and I just nabbed this off Ed Templeton’s site.

Cheers Ed, thought for the day?


Hey hey

I’m flat out getting jewellery finished for Christmas but hope to photograph some work for upload as soon as I get chance…

…. until then check out

Abi Hulatt’s blogs

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Abi Hulatt

…the lovely lady came up with this design For Diamond Sirens

and she put me onto this…which is immense. Amazing to think I met a bloke recently in my shop who said “I don’t like the outdoors…”. I asked if he was Agrophobic. He said “No, I am not.”

by Sophie Windsor Clive

Get me on the boat next time girls.