70’s early 80’s pub juke box hits find new life on other planets

Hello everybody,

I start my session by working on something noncommittal from the current canvai I’m working on, be it a sketchbook, cutting a print or two twenty minute drawings from life and then move on to the canvas when sufficiently warmed up. Recently I’ve made these paintings on vinyl inspired by the titles I liked from either side. There’s some real shit songs that made hits on old jukebox vinyls but these two songs have analogue warmth to some degree and smell of 70’s booze n fags n good times dahn thah pahb.

JJ Barrie – Till You’re Loving Me Again



Rod Stewart – Tonight I’m Yours



Be good and if those songs sent shivers of the HELP-ME kind, try this:
Lee Moses – Bad Girl
…and you’ll feel much better.

Best regards,


Seeing as I e featured hearts in this post check out this piece on Jim Dine

Iolo Edger

Studio: painting table


Greetings from planet Top Floor.

The sun was out for my run this evening as were the pre-season rugger buggers, not long until we hear Jonathen Davies’s high pitched voice and equally piercing opinions on the box.

With that I’ll now crack on and paint.

Many thanks,


Iolo Edger

Where is my face

Oil on panel drawing. When the sitter reappears it will be finished. Michael Harding’s oil paints are fantastic, and no he’s not some kid I sit at the back of the art room discussing Stevie Wonder and the magic of beautifully proportioned brunettes from Caerphilly called Judy. No, he makes the paint. Here is his site:
Mikey H



The Rising Storm – Bright Lit Blue Skies

…cheers for putting me on to the original Bill ‘Billbo’ Davies.