Canvai in transition/progress/to be continued

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I’m using my iPhone to take photos of the works in progress – I’m still amazed at how good the quality can be but I will, when these paintings are finished, photograph them with a quality lens and lighting. I’ve got good results with photographing work but there’s a lot of editing needed so if anybody has any experience and wisdom to pass on get in touch. I’m thinking I need to diffuse my lighting source…

So, like I said, these are iPhone made jpegs of some work on the go.

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The Visitor



Brother Pysche-delica



There is no blank canvas:


Listening to Tom Petty for uplift and general feelings of well being, better than Lemsip. (if anyone has that Tom Petty show get in toooooouch!).

The Queue #1


How is everyone?

A bout of Autumnal man-flu has arrived but a few hours in the studio is as good if not better than Lemsip. I’ve company in the form of BBC iPlayer. My heater is fresh out of storage so the smell of burning dust is a great reminder of winters in the studio and the warmth is welcomed.

Here are some photos of a canvas drawn this evening, you may recognise some of the dudes featured from sketch book posts.

I’ll post photos of it finished.

Hwyl fawr i haf a “Sut mae?!” i llawer o gormod nos cwrw yn y Coach.

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Here’s a drawing from the sketchbook of a guy from the platform in Paddington. Turns out he was a boxer and a good guy. He said he was called Pélé, must’ve been his nick name. What’s great about drawing your environment when you’re travelling is the people you can meet – as long as you can keep focused and finish the drawing. I didn’t have a lot of time but finished it on the train.

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Ray Richardson’s awesome new show and fat Mayfair suits of navy blue..

Hello everyone!

Just back from a recent overnight trip in London and took in Ray Richardson’s new show: Everything Is Everything at Beaux Arts, Cork Street. It was marvellous and a pleasure to view and be among his recent work for an hour. Ray Richardson has a perfectly pitched unobtrusive narrative within his atmospheric yet definite painting. His work shows a flourish of draftsmanship values and activity that pins the painting together which, delivered with care and thoughtful layers, allows the subject matter to breathe. British figurative painting will always have a worthy advocate and distinct voice in Ray Richardson.

Also he writes awesome ‘action painting as a tweet’ tweets on Twitter. I strongly recommend you view his work.

Ray Richardson

If you’re familiar with the area of Cork Street and Mayfair, there’s plenty of variety of city boys parade in the uniform of choice – the navy suit. Generally a navy three or two piece flanked with a lighter hue shirt finished with a suit-matching blue tie. You can see this unusual breed flocking to the pubs soaking their livers with embalmment of the ale and lager variety. I spent some time drawing what I could with the time I had and would like to visit again. Here are some photos of the results taken from my sketchbook.
Some of the galleries beautifully observed a touch of snootiness which I tend to find amusing considering some of the best work I saw in these galleries was poorly lit. The Martin Tinney Gallery in Cardiff is a great example of respecting the work they show and in the treatment of ‘the space’, also the general courteousnous to those who pop in to simply view.
The Maxwell Doig exhibition at the Albemarle gallery was also enjoyable with his paintings being a wealth of texture within a figurative structure. Some pieces were particularly lovely.

Jock MacFayden recently took the time to distinguish himself as a painter and not an artist:

. “I don’t want to be an artist. I want to be a painter. The man in the street might think you make art out of dirt and string. It is embarrassing to be an artist.”

Among the dirt and string great painters will always be relevant.

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Let’s hope Autumn brings us an Indian summer.

Iolo Edger







Fat face

Press have been shouting that Wales is getting as fat as America (here) ….I blame the curry & chips they serve from the indoor market in Bridgend. The queues are two hundred people thick on Saturdays. “Gerr-ih-downoo-mun!” = “Eat it with gusto old boy!”.


Conté on paper sketch book

Iolo Edger