December!? How’d that happen


Many thanks to everyone who’s been in touch over the last two months. Approaching Yuletide it is customary to get reflective, hammered on quality ale and talk a load of tosh to people who are doing the same. I won’t be doing that. …yet. I’ve been working on our jewellery website:

..and had my stretchers delivered so painting, at last!, looms like a slab of mutant chocolate cake.



Mo Bros #21 Jon

Irish Jon

Mate from Liverpool. He’s called Irish Jon. Roadie for a few bands up north. Too many funny stories especially the one involving a night teching for an upcoming band a few years back, getting the number of a pretty girl, meeting her and realising she was dating his cousin. Yeh, like you didn’t know mahn. He should get his shit together with his own songs, he’d be dangerous. Get the bass turned up mahn, it’s ceiling slamming time.


…and a human walrus:


Mo Bros #18 & real life lookalike Mo Bros


How are we?

I got locked out of the house and took a taxi all across the other side of town to the only place I knew I could crash out on a sofa. This is a drawing of the taxi driver who gave me lift after flagging g him down. It was 04:39. He’d just done a delivery from Cardiff of a bunch of girls from a hen night. They left learner plates all over the taxi. He was hilarious. He had a slab of beer in the back seat for his card game tonight and told me to grab one. What a legend. Cheers Jim, wherever you are. Win that hand.


This in Nicky in full Mo Bros uniform. I reckon he looks like the late great Bruno Kirby.





…and a clean sink means I’m busy. If it’s full of stuff then my studio ain’t in action. Good times ahoy:

Wela ti wedyn.


My buds:



Mo Bros#16

Hey there,

I’m listening to Ali & Toumani live – check them on YouTube here

Today’s Mo Bros is a drawing of a local pool hall shark I used to see around town when I was twelve. He looked about 46 but was probably only 19 1/2. Must’ve been the ‘tache. Years later I got to know his younger sister who was in the same school year as me but at another school. He got sent down for arson and car theft. Then he met a girl on release & became a Christian missionary working in Brazil. I haven’t seen his sister since I was 18. Amazing kisser. Incredible how you can forget about someone you spent time with and realise you’ve not thought of them in years. So I did a drawing of her rebel preacher Mo Bro.


Molated Mo Bros

A few days out of blogpaper – I’ve been busy on the shop site. I post a couple of drawings some new and some older of the Mo Bros.

Also I’m listening to this:

Ken Nicol – 10 Pound Poms

What an amazing performance, song and sound. Frankly DIZZYINGLY satisfying. Not a dull moment. The guy has a huge history of playing. Ch-ch-check him out.

Here be mo Mo Bros:






That should take me up to the daily amount. Finally here’s Tim’s great grandfather from his First World War serviceman photograph.