Autumn has sprung, leaves change me.


Long time no post. I trust all the bloggers out there are in good spirits.

I’ve been active. Some of that activity has taken me to & from the canvas. However there will be more correspondence through September & October.

Here’s some recent sketchbook work thing ahead for work next year:







Also some drawings from hospital visits:



…and some flowers that have grown by my front door all my life:


Stay well & see y’all soon.


The best haircut in pop

Mahx Davenport probably has the best haircut in pop currently available to see. I could imagine if time were to bend itself to allow him to have been a member of the Velvet Underground, he would have been dubbed ‘the healthy one who went on to have a few cracking power pop records released at the time of new wave whence he became the ‘Blonde Dee Dee Ramone albeit healthy’ & now currently resides in California where he continues his successful career writer of scripts for several successful crossover indie films, his novellas & his Huffington Post column’.

He’s recently just turned 22. The lucky barstard. I wish him all the best with Propellers – a new definition in ‘Hair Bands’.

Here’s a drawing:


Best regards,
Painting happily whilst a party is in full flow somewhere else.

Austrian Biker


Here’s an Austrian biker I drew on a road trip last winter. Three days of Jรคger & wiener schnitzel on toast with Julia, Birgit and Franziska of art-noise band Kunst Abschaum left not much time for drawing or recollection for that matter.

Goodnight girls – Es war Liebe auf den ersten Blick.



…since the girls refuse to record their performances, believing them only to be relived in your “drรถm moi”, I’ll leave you with something which sums up said German noiseniks perfectly:

GBV – Hot Freaks

…nah. This was whilst on a winter late night dream. I was driving with Sammy Davis Jnr & a twenty five year old Joan Collins. They sang in great harmony. We met some epic hitchhikers along the way. Einstein and Bonham had formed a power duo.

Swedish Rocker


New daily sketchbook idea: drawing in bed. John Lennon did it but my Yoko isn’t here right now. I’ll post as I ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ ๐Ÿ˜ด.

A Swedish Rocker


I hope all is well in your world.

Here’s my current Guided By Voices fave song that’s been on repeat:

GBV – Drag Days

Land of Nod

Crucifixion studies

Hi there

More Crucifixion studies. Getting there now. Final drawing to do, studies 2 & 3 show where I’m heading for the final painting. The stretcher for the canvas is ready.

Study 1

Study 2

I like that so I completed a ‘colour map’ for the final canvas.

Study 3

I’ll be back.

Best regards,

Crucifixion studies

Hello there

I’m currently working on a commission of the crucifixion. It’s a big subject and I’m quite aware of its place in art history and the painters who’ve explored it before me. I’m currently using the Vine app to document progress.

With these studies I’m exploring mood and texture over any academic approach. I’ve the initial composition that I’m still ‘chasing’ & other drawings around the subject. I’ll put these in the next post.

Here’s the Vine links:

Study 1

Study 2



I’ll be back soon.

Best regards,
Land of Song