“For me love is a way of life…”
This is a film made by Tracey Evans. The film explores themes of displacement as it traces the stories of three African women who have moved/been moved to Wales.
Watch it when you have time.

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Studio: painting table


Greetings from planet Top Floor.

The sun was out for my run this evening as were the pre-season rugger buggers, not long until we hear Jonathen Davies’s high pitched voice and equally piercing opinions on the box.

With that I’ll now crack on and paint.

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Iolo Edger

Rhian Edwards – Clueless Dogs (More further notes from fighter pilot poetry readings)

Rhian Edwards presents Clueless Dogs.


I first met Rhian in Infant’s school. Then she moved away from Bridgend. Then she moved back 16 years later riding a fantastic bike (nobody else has done that since Mary Poppins). The lady has a lot more stories, songs and poems to detail her life and thoughts than I will be able to do so here but I strongly recommend you check her website out:

Rhian Edwards

“An astounding Welsh poet with performances that get you in the emotional gut…” – Ian McMillan on The Verb, Radio 3.

Porthcawl Ukulele Band were invited too. Good fun.


Hey hey

I’m flat out getting jewellery finished for Christmas but hope to photograph some work for upload as soon as I get chance…

…. until then check out

Abi Hulatt’s blogs

Sliced Bread

Abi Hulatt

…the lovely lady came up with this design For Diamond Sirens

and she put me onto this…which is immense. Amazing to think I met a bloke recently in my shop who said “I don’t like the outdoors…”. I asked if he was Agrophobic. He said “No, I am not.”

by Sophie Windsor Clive

Get me on the boat next time girls.