How are you?!

I’m just tidying up some old blogs and digital footprints and thought I’d just post these here and to remind you I’m on Instagram @ioloedger

Hope to see you there!


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Christmas parties

The Queue #1


How is everyone?

A bout of Autumnal man-flu has arrived but a few hours in the studio is as good if not better than Lemsip. I’ve company in the form of BBC iPlayer. My heater is fresh out of storage so the smell of burning dust is a great reminder of winters in the studio and the warmth is welcomed.

Here are some photos of a canvas drawn this evening, you may recognise some of the dudes featured from sketch book posts.

I’ll post photos of it finished.

Hwyl fawr i haf a “Sut mae?!” i llawer o gormod nos cwrw yn y Coach.

Best regards and ‘winter draws on’ to all,






Here’s a drawing from the sketchbook of a guy from the platform in Paddington. Turns out he was a boxer and a good guy. He said he was called Pélé, must’ve been his nick name. What’s great about drawing your environment when you’re travelling is the people you can meet – as long as you can keep focused and finish the drawing. I didn’t have a lot of time but finished it on the train.

All the best,