Handlebar John


Instagram post. New site in the new year. I’ll keep those of you interested informed! If I don’t see you at Christmas then still get the Crabbie’s ginger beer in & have a great time etc etc. If I do see you at Christmas then mine’s a Crabbie’s & we can carry on pretending we know know each other whilst trying to work out how we know each other.

B’humbug etc etc etc

Stay fed, watered and gluten free.


Sketchbook pages & Kings

…yup, just that.



Music from Written In Kings who are shaping up to become what they hope to become. Noisy, raw & sweaty version of Upstream which John nicked some words off one of my songs for the breakdown and has yet to come Clean about it yet …yes, John that’s a pun ….& the truth. Cheeky buggers. Here’s to W. I. K. from your Fangurl #1.