Mo Bros#6

Mo Bros#6
Yup, I’m a day behind….but I’ll catch up.


Have The Civil Wars split!? Ouch. Poison & Wine is as good as it gets if you’re in the mindset to let it do damage. John Paul White is a Mo Bros…


Io’s Mo Bros Movember Mlog Mlan

To keep up with Movember I’ll be posting drawings of moustache-like attempts I see around me. Last year’s was pretty cool and by the end of the month it felt like I knew what it was to live in ’75 in South Wales, some of the boyos in South Wales still have the same look now they had then only now they’ve dodgy livers and a hell of a lot of good memories.

St. Burt Reynolds will be the blog’s patron Saint for the month. Let us not forget Sally Field’s turn in Smokey & The Bandit. I absolutely loved her when I was a kid. Damn, gorgeous. Fantastic smile.


…I may draw ladies with the odd ‘tache too.

Anyway every drawing will be of Io’s Mo Bros.