Final October drawings


Last post for October. I’ve been blogging from the phone and tonight went on via the laptop and I’ve just realised my forwarding email was going to an old account so thank you to everyone who’s been in touch and followed. Damn, how’d I miss that one!? I’ll be sure to get in touch and follow you all too. Right I’m going to throw some pumpkins, eggs and curry at some dodgy dudes standing on the street in Spider-Man gear….👋





Sketchbook #30 Halloween tosh

Hey there.

A quick 5 minute sketchbook scribble on the Hallotosh theme. Never been a big fan but I like what people do with pumpkins. When we were kids Halloween meant older kids having a reason to smash the shit out of you with eggs, fireworks and cidered-up fists. Anyway one year some guy went around dressed as a witch flashing himself to everyone up on one of the estates. That’s one magic wand nobody wanted to see. Ok, let’s have Christmas outfits ASAP please. I’ve plenty of Santas fighting with the police stories.

Be good,



Sketchbook #28

Actor friend in London from Ireland. I won’t say who he is but he’s in a huuuuge film this winter/next year in all corners of our silver screen loving planet. He’ll be able to cover the years rent and his mortgage in outer Dublin.
These Thesps are so superstitious, and whilst being in need of love from the crowd, any mention past this post of the upcoming work/film/job is ‘too much, I don’t want to jeopardise it!’. Haha. …previous three scene part reduced to walk on blink-and-you-miss-him. That’s 👯👯👯 showbiz.

He’ll be fine.


Sketchbook #27

The Meeting.

All acrylic. I’m working on canvai, lots, but just showing working drawing for the next month or two.

Hello to everyone. Have a good weekend.

Sut mae pawb? Mwnhau dy penwythnos ond paid yfed absinthe. Wela ti wedyn.

Pob hwyl,
Iolo Edger