Christmas parties

The First Chord

….it’s a Bm7th.


Recent painting finished. I show the process from wrestling with the composition to the classic ‘draw shitty thumbnail ideas and realise a week later they’re exactly what you need to do after meandering with other ideas’.

Enjoyable times had.

Firstly get hands dirty…


Finished painting…










Initial thumbnail drawings..



…later meanderings…



…initial attempts of composition. I’ve long passed fighting the “This looks SHHHHIIITTTT!!!!!”. It happens. It looks shit. You work through it and then..BOOOOM!!: a lovely drawing.



Here’s the drawing that then makes you feel “I can work with this. Yeh, it looks cool. Let’s crack open High Voltage by AC/DC a bottle of San Miguel and PAINT!!!”


Finished drawing in grid form for transition to canvas:iolo_edger_painting_bridgend_the_first_chord_18




Here’s the finished painting again:


I believe Georges Braque was right when he said your painting is determined by its ‘grounds’. To quote Randy Pausch “If it’s going to be worth our time, then it’s going to be worth our time…”.


I love seeing the ‘primer’ stain through the canvas. Gesso comes second!


On another note here’s a drawing using silver point, sterling silver! It’ll be interesting to see how it oxidises.


Canvai in transition/progress/to be continued

Hello there,

I’m using my iPhone to take photos of the works in progress – I’m still amazed at how good the quality can be but I will, when these paintings are finished, photograph them with a quality lens and lighting. I’ve got good results with photographing work but there’s a lot of editing needed so if anybody has any experience and wisdom to pass on get in touch. I’m thinking I need to diffuse my lighting source…

So, like I said, these are iPhone made jpegs of some work on the go.

Best regards,

I’m using the updated WordPress app and it is astoundingly cool. Ease of use is awesome, brilliant work WordPress

Thanks again to anyone following.

The Visitor



Brother Pysche-delica



There is no blank canvas:


Listening to Tom Petty for uplift and general feelings of well being, better than Lemsip. (if anyone has that Tom Petty show get in toooooouch!).

70’s early 80’s pub juke box hits find new life on other planets

Hello everybody,

I start my session by working on something noncommittal from the current canvai I’m working on, be it a sketchbook, cutting a print or two twenty minute drawings from life and then move on to the canvas when sufficiently warmed up. Recently I’ve made these paintings on vinyl inspired by the titles I liked from either side. There’s some real shit songs that made hits on old jukebox vinyls but these two songs have analogue warmth to some degree and smell of 70’s booze n fags n good times dahn thah pahb.

JJ Barrie – Till You’re Loving Me Again



Rod Stewart – Tonight I’m Yours



Be good and if those songs sent shivers of the HELP-ME kind, try this:
Lee Moses – Bad Girl
…and you’ll feel much better.

Best regards,


Seeing as I e featured hearts in this post check out this piece on Jim Dine

Iolo Edger

South Welsh Metal, colloquialism in rock n roll and the magnificence of Northern Britain’s finest guitar groups

If you’re from South Wales, loved guitars and were born after the Beatles released She Loves You the chances are you’ve had your heavy metal phase when growing up. For some Heavy Metal means AC/DC or Napalm Death, for others buffoonery, cliché, sexism, political nous, sweaty fun or noise for glue sniffing teen thugs. It doesn’t matter – there’s much room for discussion. Essentially it was about the guitar and the power of Rock. There’s a history in South Wales of kids with electric guitars playing along to You Shook Me All Night Long which can be traced to the volume of blues bands that came in the wake of the 60’s blues boom that made a living playing live in the South. It’s also interesting that from that 60’s blues boom Black Sabbath emerged. Power and blues = The Beatles of Metal. They were Northern and their influence was felt everywhere. To kids busting their top E string playing along to Metallica in South Wales an eventual discovery of Black Sabbath’s importance is an epiphany. I love the fact that one of Britain’s biggest Metal bands is from Bridgend: Bullet For My Valentine. I don’t have any of their records but their live footage illustrates a show of Metal power with a drummer of exceptional value. I’m sure they are glue sniffing thugs who buy their mums nice Christmas presents too. The Metal lineage continues.

Twenty years after Black Sabbath’s debut album came another Northern debut to challenge the senses – The Stone Roses’s debut. This was a discovery I made at the same time as AD/DC & Black Sabbath when I was 14, an odd mix to some but untainted by early 90’s mediacentric ‘taste’ rules. Their reformation was welcome as they were always ‘unfinished business’ as they fell apart due to classic ego, cash and friendship bust ups not lack of ideas. Let’s see what the North can produce again. South Wales has never produced a mystic pop group that held it together for even long enough to be noticed like The Roses. The Frozen Lakes and El Condor Pasa would have been legends if they’d all held it together. That’s right – you’ve never heard of them. You’ve missed out as a result. We all have. Super Furry Animals were from North Wales. They were mystic. They were inspired. They delivered. They were magnificent.

That will have to do for now.




Above are some metal kids and Matt Tuck (first two images) and then a dude who wouldn’t look out of place at Heaton Park 2012 or Glasgow Green 1990.