Not New Year resolutions. Give yourself a break and bust your ideas down into paintings & drawings.

Resolutions!? Fahk that. It’s the year of the stumpy pencils and “How did I get through all that process Cyan & Cadmium Red?! The good shit & not the cheap shit – glad it’s finally gone & I can start prepping my canvas with the quality stuff I bought in October!?”. Prep that canvas with the new techniques, draw out & plan your ideas until they’re easel tight & relax & paint & enjoy & fear not staring into the void because you’ll be too busy Jack. Serious man. This is for you. John Cheese reiterates what I told you you were finding out. It’s gonna be cool bach, trust me.

Enjoy the year painters & pigment lovers, you’ve no more excuses left but you are chock full of unused ideas.

Let’s paint.

Wela ti gyda gwaith newydd.

Best regards,





I now declare this year open

…my favourite John line:

“She looks more like him than I do….!”

Molated Mo Bros

A few days out of blogpaper – I’ve been busy on the shop site. I post a couple of drawings some new and some older of the Mo Bros.

Also I’m listening to this:

Ken Nicol – 10 Pound Poms

What an amazing performance, song and sound. Frankly DIZZYINGLY satisfying. Not a dull moment. The guy has a huge history of playing. Ch-ch-check him out.

Here be mo Mo Bros:






That should take me up to the daily amount. Finally here’s Tim’s great grandfather from his First World War serviceman photograph.