Welsh wrestlers, the plop, the pop and pop…music.

Here’s the initial drawing made whilst enduring intense flu going to Cardiff for my mate’s birthday, not being one to let the team down, and the finished painting. Named after the welsh wrestler Orig Williams whose autobiography I’ve been reading recently. I’d like to pursue this subject matter again…it’s not the ideas we lack but the time we have to complete them all! The painting eventually became a confirmation gift which is one hell of a confirmation gift.

Here’s Jack Black as Nacho Libre. I couldn’t stop watching this film over one winter a couple of years back…just a warm feel-good film.

Classic Nacho Libre Quote:
“It sucks to be me right now!”

This phrase has subsequently become well used in the western world often when being told by Geth or Oli @ The Coach that they’ve just sold the last pint of Otley’s 05.

Acrylic on canvas

10″ X 10″

Orig(inal) drawing…


A few months back I lost a stone as a result of Gastroenteritis. Got through three books in two days whilst thinking I should lick a few Champagne glasses and put them in a lab fridge to sell to aspiring models as the miracle diet. A wiki search saddened me with the knowledge of just how much this simply treated illness, in the UK at least, has such a terrible impact on infants in the world’s poorest nations. I promptly stopped my whining but not much else. God bless the N.H.S.

How it felt:

Sunday Morning/Afternoon

Lenny, my father, and I try to get out in the wilds on Sunday mornings as there are such fantastic places to get to via public footpaths. We generally meet the boys/crew there for a brief pintage.
Walk on.

The boys in the last picture all have a healthy appetite for life.

(Left to right)

Adam – Songwriter
Christian – Architectural glass artist
Barnes (Christopher) – CEO of Under The Spire Recordings
…but all would say their primary job was being a husband & father !

Wild Nothing were fantastic at the Greenman festival. I haven’t got the album yet but this should do for now.

I can remember the songs from just one show. Great.

Be good,