Yellowism & Rothko

Wlodzimierz Umaniec is the man charged with the Rothko farce. He also a member of a group who spout forth of ‘Yellowism’. Here’s their blog. They say:
Yellowism is not an art movement. Yellowism is the new context in contemporary culture.

They are also an example of why I’m glad I didn’t waste time in art college on a ‘Fine Art’ degree course. Imagine the utter dreary drivel and vacuous narcissistic discussions whilst trying to have a pint, let alone go through a studio ‘crit’ with these guys.

Boys I suggest you do the following:

1) Get a girlfriend. Use your time more wisely. Life is short.
2) Develope your draftsman abilities.
3) Recontextualize your sense of self-importance.
4) Add Red and Blue to your Yellowist manifesto because you are missing the primary concern that your ideas are lacking.
5) Finally: Don’t touch Rothko. Or The Tate. Buy your own canvas. I suggest Whayleys of Bradford for cotton 12oz & Jacksons Art Supplies for everything else.

Not much will happen to him in court except having ten years to not pay off his fine but I hope they give him 150hrs community service shovelling shit out of Battersea dogs home. Here’s the site

Woof off in Yellow.

Arsehole defaces Rothko @ Tate Britain

Yes. An Arsehole has tagged Rothko. Graffiti this is not. Kick the tagger in the pencils hard. Only Rothko was allowed to deface or destroy Rothko. If this was a work like Myra by Marcus Harvey from 1995 I’d understand but it is not. I hope this is not a trend as dwindling funds will not cope.

Fahkheads will not win. They will appear on X-factor.